#ibelieveher: Why Evans’ supporters have no right to criticise Rape Crisis.

I have finally read the entire Daily Mail article in which the Evans family discuss Ched Evans’ conviction and Rape Crisis’s reluctance to converse with them.
The Evans-Massey clan claim they wanted to see if there was a way they could help ‘raise the awareness as to the issue of consent, rather than any sensible debate getting lost in media hype.’

No. Just /no/.

I have spent the past two and a half years, alongside some incredible women, doing all we can to counteract the harmful rape myths that this family has perpetuated. I have tried to educate them on the legal stance of consent, as have many other supporters of the I Believe Her campaign. We have watched as they have re-traumatised countless rape survivors whilst allowing the continued abuse, even promoting said abuse, of the survivor of this attack.

I have watched as women come forward with their own stories in the inbox of I Believe Her, some speaking out for the first time about having been raped, and I have held discussions with those working to help such women on what needs to be done to support survivors.

The thing is, consent is not a bargaining tool. If you don’t have it, then anything you proceed to do after that is not sex, it’s rape. You help no-one by trying to engage Rape Crisis in discussions about this, especially when you have discredited a rape survivor on a daily basis. You do not try to raise consciousness of consent when you have tried to use the fact a rape survivor had traces of drugs in her system as an attempt to prove her to be a liar. And you do not take the chance to engage in discussions about rape with a charity who know what they’re doing in an attempt to find ‘middle ground’, whilst still trying to say that your family rapist was part of a witch hunt.

I do not speak on behalf of Rape Crisis, but as the manager of the I Believe Her campaign – and I hope with the backing of the wonderful people who have supported the campaign over the past two years – I support their decision not to speak to the Evans family with regards to this topic.”

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