The Return of The Dragon

As a lot of you will be aware, I’ve been rather inactive of late. I would offer an apology, but I’ve had more important things to deal with. Even real-life contacts have seen and heard less from me, with the exception of my sister-in-law and a very small group of friends.

In addition, I couldn’t help but feel a little disenchanted; a moment I suspect every feminist from every wave has had at some point. Maybe I’ve been oblivious over the past few years, but the summer in particular seemed to spurn a lot of women against each other. I found it necessary to withdraw somewhat, for my own well-being.

I’ve not ceased writing, nor anything with regards to feminism. I have, however, been writing elsewhere, albeit intermittently. But I have also been focusing on my fiction writing, and have probably written more in the past four months alone than I have in the past ten years.

I shall be attempting to resurrect this blog. It will take time, and I’m not naive enough to believe otherwise. But returning to this is something I feel I need to do. Not for anyone else, but in one of the first entirely selfish decisions I’ve made in a long time, for myself and myself alone.


2 thoughts on “The Return of The Dragon

  1. Hi frothy. I was wondering how you were doing – good to see you posting here.

    Love from another ‘dragon’ 😉

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