#RadFem2013; As The Misogyny Continues, “Watabouttehmenz!?”



#misogyny #lesbiphobia


I assume the trans community are pissed about statements like this, too?…



#TeamWatabouttehmenz #NotEvenGoingToExplain





That old killer, misandry, eh?

What?… #Facepalm


I just don’t even…



7 thoughts on “#RadFem2013; As The Misogyny Continues, “Watabouttehmenz!?”

  1. Not surprised at the men, but the number of women striving to show the men that they’re not like those nasty radfems is really sad. Conditioned reflex, like Pavlov’s dogs.

  2. I definitely don’t identify with many of the people using the #radfem hashtag. I have come across too many man hating radfems in my time, who discuss things like all sex is rape, all PIV sex is anti women, all men ultimately want to hurt women, hate women etc. Just like extremists in any group, they are harmful to the cause.

  3. “As unbearable, as unfaceable as it is for so many, the truth is that it is men who hate women, not the other way around. Women do not rape and beat and incestuously violate and impoverish and sexually harrass and kill men in vast numbers every year. It is men who do these things to women.” – Sonia Johnson

  4. Those men and their female handmaidens are clearly frightened because a conference is currently happening wherein men are not invited. Wah – how dare men not be invited – time for men to hysterically proclaim their usual women-hating lies.

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