#RadFem2013; As The Misogyny Continues, “Watabouttehmenz!?”



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I assume the trans community are pissed about statements like this, too?…



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That old killer, misandry, eh?

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I just don’t even…



Nick Ross: It’s Not Child Porn, It’s Child Rape, And It Shouldn’t Be Appealing To Your “Curiousity”.

“We’re all inquisitive. I had never seen, until I started working on Crimewatch, child pornography… I think if someone came to me and said: ‘Would you like to see what all the fuss is about?’, I’m sorry, I probably would say yes.”

– Nick Ross, as cited in The Telegraph; June 2013

Every once in a while, someone opens their mouth and utters something so preposterous that I think I’ve woken up in some alternate reality. Today’s reality being that proposed by Nick Ross… One in which the rape of children is acceptable, and curiousity is an acceptable justification for viewing the aforementioned rapes. But this isn’t an alternate reality. It’s rape culture at full swing.

Child porn is child sexual abuse; the rape of children filmed and distributed to men who wish to rape children. Allowing Child Rape to thrive under the guise of “porn” allows the continued and furthered rape of children; a spiralling vortex. The producers care not why the rapes they film is being viewed; they care only that it’s being viewed.