International Women’s Day – And The Men Who Demonstrate Why It’s So Vital…

Will, your dedication to the cause is applauded. #MustTryHarder


Why do misogynists struggle so much with buttering two pieces of bread and putting something between it? They all seem to have the same problem…


So, not only can misogynists not work out the logistics of putting two pieces of bread together, but they can’t use google, either. Jarrett, let me help you out here…

WHERE do I even… WHY? WHY?!?

Dear Jord. Don’t give up the day job. Preferably find one where you can’t access the internet.

Would be a man that says that…



12 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – And The Men Who Demonstrate Why It’s So Vital…

  1. God my first reaction to all of these was how can their mothers allow them to act like this. I know, I know classic blame the mother routine they have responsibilty for their own thought processes however as the mother of a (very young still) boy if he grew up to even THINK stuff like this nevermind write it on a social media tool I would be mortified.

  2. Seriously, it’s just misogynistville out there. I’ll make sure my sons stay well away from women so they don’t upset delicate female sensibilities (it’s inevitable after all, that pesky Y chromosome will make sure of it).

  3. Some of those statements are meant to be satire… you know like Dworkin used in her work. Of course if someone claims Dworkins was misandristic the claim of satire comes out. Okay so of the guys are not as funny as others and some have never grown up. But some are intended as a joke.

    • Firstly, you mean Solanas, but yay for the Patriarchy trying to discredit one of the most important feminists of the 20th century.

      Secondly, bullshit is that satire. That’s just plain woman hating.

  4. C’mon now, we’re not all idiot frat boys, surely there must have been some good or at least neutral tweets from dudes about IWD!

  5. Well, as a guy, you can’t always know if you’re truly being profeminist on a given issue, as some women might support it, and some may oppose it. But it’s fairly obvious that moronic comments like those above are way out of the question! I can’t help but notice Radfems seems to have a dim view of men, focusing on MRA types like these as if they speak for all men, when there are many of us (although admittedly, probably not the majority) who actually find that most of your ideas make sense. These idiots do not speak for me and I do not associate with anyone like them.

    • I think some rad fems take a jaundiced view of many men, is because most of them do not stand up and say “these misogynists don’t speak for me”. When men are silent in the face of misogynist behaviour by other men, they validate their misogyny. When they laugh at rape jokes, they validate rapists. When they tell us we’re over-reacting about sexism, they validate sexism.

      I’ve come to a point where unless a man actively shows he fights for women’s equality, I am going to assume he happily accepts the unearned privilege being male has given him. You want women to know you’re not a misogynist nob, then actively show them and other men that you’re not. Walk the walk.

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