This post is a different one for me.

Yesterday, someone retweeted a news story which angered me. This Is Sussex had written about a man, arrested on suspiscion of murdering his wife, and his concerns over their marriage in the lead up to her murder on February 17th. Shortly after I began working on the piece relating to the article, chastising This Is Sussex for placing empathy with the suspect, I found out that the victim in the murder, Samantha Medland, was a close friend of  friend of mine.

It was just last week I blogged about the importance of remembering the victims of male violence, with relation to the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. It seems that Samantha, however, is at no risk of being forgotten, thanks to the loving friends and family she had around her. This won’t be the same type of post as to what you may expect from me; it doesn’t feel right when I know a friend I care about is in mourning. Instead, I wish to tell you that there is currently a fund running to help raise money for Sam’s aftercare and funeral. Donations can be made, via paypal to tblackman2014@yahoo.co.uk

A link to a memorial page run in Sam’s memory can be found here, on Facebook. 

RIP Samantha. We Will Not Forget.

RIP Sam Medland


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