#IBelieveHer: In Which The Daily Mail Forgets They’re Talking About A Nine Year Old Rape Survivor…

There are certain elements that I feel should be missing from a report on a survivor of child rape. Sadly, today, I was alerted to an article in the Daily Mail which contained all of these things;

  • DNA tests are being carried to determine who real father is – amid claims it is either her boyfriend, 15, or even her stepfather

Romanticising abuse. Not something you’d associate the Daily Mail with, right? I hope you can hear the sarcasm dripping out of your computers right now, because the Mail has become, to me, synonymous with misogyny, victim blaming, and romanticising abuse.

See, a 15 year old, who is having sex with a nine year old, is not her “boyfriend”. He is a rapist. But calling him her boyfriend romanticises the abuse, puts them on an equal footing and momentarily takes the lens off the issue at hand; Here is a nine year old girl who has been raped, and as a result, fell pregnant. Calling her rapist “her boyfriend” puts them, momentarily in the readers mind, on an equal footing.

The Mail continues, mentioning a report in a local newspaper which states that Dafne* could have been raped multiple times over several times, “but claimed it was never violent.” Rape IS violence, regardless of whether additional violence is used. To claim a rape was never violent minimises the experience of the survivor, and in Dafne’s case, ignores the fact that after the violence of rape, this girl had to go through the additional violence of an underage pregnancy and an underage childbirth.

Dafne has since been sterilised, showing yet again how she’s been failed by Mexican authorities. A nine year old girl, who has been raped and made to carry that fetus to term does not need sterilising. She needs protecting. And when it comes to the British Press, it serves no one well to talk of child rapists as “the boyfriend” of the survivor of child rape.


13 thoughts on “#IBelieveHer: In Which The Daily Mail Forgets They’re Talking About A Nine Year Old Rape Survivor…

  1. Thanks Frothy for writing this. It tears me up to see how such a sad story of abuse is sensationalised this way. In 2011, 318 ten-year-old girls were registered as mothers in Mexico. The sexual abuse of children is not treated with the seriousness it deserves and this is the result.
    One point thought. The hospital did not sterilise the girl. They put in a concentration implant; which, from experience here, I would assume was the coil. Since hospitals have a terrible record of inserting such devices without the consent of the mother, this was at pains to point out that the girl’s mother had given consent to this.

  2. I’m with southsidesocialist, there has to be something we can do to stop them from being this vile. I have also grown increasingly enraged with the media for seeing ‘sex’ where it should say ‘rape’ or ‘assault’ or ‘abuse’ over and over and over again. I don’t think we can overstate the importance of changing the media culture and the language that is used. I don’t think it is getting any safer for us out there, maybe that’s just my impression, but we need to get violence against women and girls *acknowledged as violence* before we can hope to really do much against it. Unless the problem is clearly identified, how can it be solved, after all? Part of the problem is, as you very correctly say, that abuse and violence are romanticized and thus made invisible as what they really are. See the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon too.

  3. Younger and younger males are enacting their male pseudo sex right to female bodies and are targeting younger and younger girls. Still never mind Daily Male always reports facts does it not and of course this male sexual predator was just another ‘ordinary boyfriend’ who raped and impregnate a nine year old girl! But Daily Male doesn’t believe in reporting the facts so instead it claims ‘male sexual predator just had “sex” with a nine year old girl and she somehow became pregnant! Even better Daily Male knows what is and is not ‘real rape’ because male sexual predator supposedly didn’t threaten or subject nine year old girl to violence before he raped her – sorry that should read ‘had sex with female dehumanised object’ because that is what Daily Male is claiming.

    Male sexual predator aged 15 didn’t need to threaten violence given he was aged 15 and his female victim was only nine so obviously a nine year old girl doesn’t have the power or ability to forcibly resist a 15 year old male. But Daily Male is the expert because Daily Male is male supremacist and this means Daily Male knows the truth – not females.

  4. Hecuba, I’ve noticed your comments around, you have this really clear and blunt way of putting male entitlement and violence into words. Just so you know that I am an appreciative reader of yours across several blogs.

  5. Just to update you all. The girl’s step-father has admitted to “having sexual relations” with the girl and recognises he is the father of her child. She has FINALLY been rehoused away from him. It also appears that she is 12 rather than 9; why her mother said she was younger is not really known. The sf is now being prosecuted for rape.
    (At the moment sources are still only in Spanish). See for example the following

    • Thank you for the update. I just read the link, and it’s another sickening example of the rape culture language that is all over the global media. I can’t believe they call it “sexual relations” when a stepfather rapes a child. Referring to how she became pregnant, it says he had “complete relations” with her twice, “both times with her consent.” So the news article presents a child to be capable of consenting to abuse, and it calls violence ‘relations’. This language needs to change.

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