#IBelieveHer: Max Cllifford, Alan Sugar and Believing Survivors Of Sexual Violence

I have just lost what little respect I had left for Alan Sugar.

This evening, Max Clifford, known misogynist and seller of “kiss and tell” stories was arrested for sex offences. As of yet, it remains to be seen if he has been, or is to be, charged.

But I know one thing. A small minority of all allegations of sexual offences are false. Official sources vary, but place these between 2% and 8%. People propagating the myth that these false allegations are a common occurrence silences victims. It’s even more harmful when it’s a myth propagated by well known members of the public.

I can guarantee, there will be survivors of sexual assault and rape following Alan Sugar. Up until this evening, I was one of them. There will be survivors who have reported, and seen their cases result in a conviction. There will be survivors who reported, and didn’t see their case end in a conviction. And there will be people who didn’t report. But for a lot of these survivors, if not all, there is that fear you won’t be believed. Seeing this bullshit from a public figure reminds you of that fear.

It’s how Saville and Smith escaped prosecution. It’s why our prosecution and conviction rates for rape are in need of improvement. And it’s why so many survivors never report.

I stand in solidarity with the survivor(s) who have brought claims against Max Clifford. And I believe them.



3 thoughts on “#IBelieveHer: Max Cllifford, Alan Sugar and Believing Survivors Of Sexual Violence

  1. I am so fed up of rape apologists constantly feeling the need to spout their views to the world. Why do Alan Sugar, John Pilger, George Galloway etc. think the world needs to hear their views on the “non-existence” of sexual violence?

  2. @NaturalWoman – I completely agree with you. It’s a really odd thing. And whenever a man makes a defence of another man who has been accused of rape or child sexual abuse – and particularly if that defence is unsolicited – I begin to wonder what (or who) it is that they are really defending/excusing.

  3. Agree with you Natural Woman, men who band together to defend other males who have been charged/are being investigated in respect of male sexual violence against women and girls, means these men are rabid supporters of men’s pseudo right of sexual access to females of any age.

    These men deny male sexual violence against women and girls is endemic and commonly the male sexual predators are never charged let alone convicted. When was the last time we heard a female survivor of male sexual violence be given an opportunity to condemn the male(s) who subjected her to male sexual violence. But men such as Max Clifford, Sugar et al use their positions of power to utter male supremacist lies that men accused of male sexual violence against women/girls are the ‘innocent victims because male upright pillars of the community are never male sexual predators preying on women and girls.’

    Max Clifford also utter that common male sexual predator excuse wherein he claimed ‘back in the 70’s girls were throwing themselves at male celebrities/male pop stars!’ Oh so as usual it is teen and pre-teenage girls who are to blame for supposedly causing adult men to turn into male sexual predators. Male sexual predators always deny their accountability and always claim ‘she seduced me!’

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