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Angry feminists in Scotland fed up with rape jokes at the Edinburgh Fringe and Free Fringe decided to take direct action against comedians who think that making jokes about rape, gang rape, sexual abuse, sexual torture and prostitution is funny. Feminist Avengers have sent comedians who have been telling misogynistic jokes about rape a courgette, together with a note saying: Did you ever hear about the comedian who told rape jokes? He was told to go fuck himself”.

Clara Zetkin, Feminist Avenger Spokesperson today said: “It is estimated that 1 billion women and girls on our planet have been raped –  this is not a laughing matter. Rape is never funny, it is a horrific crime of violence and violation. However we have a culture in the Edinburgh Fringe and Free Fringe; a rape culture where jokes about rape are the norm. Rape jokes are an everyday occurrence at…

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