Matt Bendoris, Fuckwit of the Week for everyday sexism of the highest order
Gosh!  Matt Bendoris, could you be more of a fuckwit?  Could you be more of a sexist weirdo fuckwit?  Probably you could be – sigh!  Everyday sexism reigns in The Sun and with this interview Matt Bendoris proves it.
What were you thinking when you wrote that piece of sexist drivel about Nicola Bendetti, Mr Bendoris?  The very talented violinist Benedetti? We know you work for the sun but come on!  Are you a parody of yourself?
Matt Bendoris has the privilege to interview Ms Bendetti and what does he talk about?  Rihanna!!  And then as the “Chief Features Editor” goes on to describe her tummy, long legs and sandals!  Peleeeese!!!!  Is this journalism nowadays?

He asks her stupid questions about Rihanna and then describes Benedetti as “tightly strung…

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Today  Ethel MacDonald, Artistic Director for the Feminist Avengers stated: “The Feminist Avengers call for other feminists to tell George that we think his attitude to rape and the sexual abuse of women stinks and invite him to “go fuck himself” and send a courgette through the post to him at his constituency office. Perhaps with a note “Excuse my sexual etiquette, but go fuck yourself, Galloway”. 

Clara Zetkin, Spokesperson for the Feminist Avengers, raged about George Galloway, RESPECT MP when he disrespectively spoke out in support of Saint Julian of Assange, and like many of his supporters, has chosen to present his arguments as a rape apologist!

Ms Zetkin today said “Feminist Avengers are  incredulous  that during Galloway’s the thirty-minute podcast ,  scarily named “Good Night with George Galloway”   stated: “Even taken at its worst, if the allegations made by these two women were true, 100…

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“Boys Don’t Cry”: Or How My Mother Taught Me That Tears Were Evil

My mother had an unhealthy relationship with tears. To date, I remember seeing her cry three times in my life. But what I remember the most is the way she convinced me that tears were the work of the devil. If I cried, it’d usually be because I was, in her eyes, “in the wrong” over something. (Usually another broken plate, spilt vase, all the usual stuff you’d expect from a dyspraxic…) My younger brother’s tears were another matter.

Over the years, my mother’s words about my brother’s tears have remained firmly imprinted in my mind. Luckily, they’ve never affected my brother’s likelihood to well up; he still sheds a few tears after Mum and Dad leave to head home after their annual visits, he shed tears of sheer joy on his wedding day, and he’s bawled his eyes out over at least one of our fall outs. Me? I learnt not to cry. Well, not in public, anyway.

When my older brother had his accident, Mum tried her hardest to keep the extent of his injuries from both myself and my younger brother. A week into his hospital stay, my mother took me to see him (after much pleading on my behalf). Now, let me tell you something. When you see the man who has been that towering shadow in your life reduced to a comatose, lifeless mess, with wires coming out of every part of his body, it hits you hard. At the time, doctors didn’t expect my older brother to make it out of the coma. My younger brother had backed out of seeing him. At some point, as I stood by his bed, the emotions caught up with me, and I found myself crying. The image has faded over the past ten years, but I still remember my mother’s reaction. “Don’t you dare let anyone else see you crying…”

That was the last time my mother saw me cry. Since then, only my younger brother and his wife, along with Mini-Dragon’s father, have seen me cry. With the exception of my sister in law, each time was the result of a level of abuse. But to me, tears became something “bad”. Something that identified me as weak; as a woman, perhaps? After all, tears were something for the weaker sex, right? As my mother reminded my brother, countless times throughout his childhood – “big boys don’t cry”, “stop crying, you big girl’s blouse”, “man up”.

You see, I never wanted to be the weaker sex. Yet, in telling my brother that crying reduced him to being my equivalent, my mother was telling me that I was weak. Being a girl, or a woman, wasn’t something I could control. My tears, I could control. And if I could stop myself from crying, I could try and fool people into believing I was strong. My brother, ironically, had the thicker skin. Mum’s words about tears never prevented him from his routine cry as Mum heads to the airport after her mid-March visit. But I still find myself wondering if she sees the irony that the words that failed to stop her youngest son’s tears did nothing of the sort – they stopped her daughter’s tears instead.

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Angry feminists in Scotland fed up with rape jokes at the Edinburgh Fringe and Free Fringe decided to take direct action against comedians who think that making jokes about rape, gang rape, sexual abuse, sexual torture and prostitution is funny. Feminist Avengers have sent comedians who have been telling misogynistic jokes about rape a courgette, together with a note saying: Did you ever hear about the comedian who told rape jokes? He was told to go fuck himself”.

Clara Zetkin, Feminist Avenger Spokesperson today said: “It is estimated that 1 billion women and girls on our planet have been raped –  this is not a laughing matter. Rape is never funny, it is a horrific crime of violence and violation. However we have a culture in the Edinburgh Fringe and Free Fringe; a rape culture where jokes about rape are the norm. Rape jokes are an everyday occurrence at…

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#WikiLeaks, #Assange and the Hero Worship Of A Man Accused Of Rape.

It’s Sunday teatime, and so far today, Mini-Dragon and I have sat through Evita, and Robin Hood on Channel 5. The latter has left me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

See, halfway through Robin Hood, over your fish fingers and chips isn’t really the time you wish to see a man who’s been accused of rape (and done everything to avoid answering to the accusations) appear on the Ecuadorian Embassy’s balcony in a scene which reminds you, somewhat, of that infamous balcony scene from Evita. Y’know, the one which asserted her place as the hero of the film.

Unfortunately, Mini-Dragon had seen both clips. He’d asked about Evita, and was assured that she was a good person, especially by the time we got to “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.” Unfortunately, four year olds don’t miss much. Amid his disappointment over the adverts and news programme interrupting Robin Hood, he noted the number of people at the embassy when Assange came on screen. And made a comparison. During their brief touch on Assange’s speech, Channel 5 failed to even mention the rape that Assange has been accused of. To a four year old, this guy looked like a male Eva Peron. To people who have been living under a  rock for the past two years, this man was a hero, speaking out for freedom of speech. The fact he’s facing extradition to answer questioning with regards to four seperate charges of rape and sexual violence was omitted.

At that moment, amidst the crowds, amidst the viewers, and amidst the silence, Assange was a hero. To a lot of Assange supporters, he still is. We’ve seen the hero worship of rapists before; in Ched Evans, in Mike Tyson. People will point out Assange hasn’t been convicted yet. But this is because he’s avoided questioning. The truth is, as of present, we have a man who is avoiding rape charges, because he refuses to return to Sweden for questioning. Some people will argue until they’re blue in the face that the charges against Assange are a conspiracy, with the aim of hauling him to America. I’m not buying it. I don’t think any feminist or feminist ally worth their gold is buying it.

The truth remains. As of yet, Assange has avoided four rape charges. Had he avoided these charges because Sweden had chosen not to charge him after he complied with their investigation, then I’d understand the omission of the charges from news reports, and I’d possibly forgive the hero worship he receives. But until the outcome of the questions that remain unanswered by Assange, the matter that there are four complaints of rape and sexual violence against him is one that is too important to miss; It’s one the media shouldn’t forget, and it’s one very strong reason why we shouldn’t be worshipping Assange. A rapist is no hero.


Late last night, a friend brought something disturbing to my attention. Amazon, it seems, decided it would be a good idea to make an extremely disturbing publication available for the Kindle: Age Of Consent: A Sex Tourist’s Guide 2012 *note: Inclusion of this link is to enable easier reporting of content.

The guide outlines the age of consent in various countries around the globe, and, in a shocking move which aimed to minimise and normalise Sex Tourism, particularly with a minor, peddled the guide as “$3.49 which could keep you out of jail”, whilst informing rapists of children* (sorry, should that be potential buyers? Nah…) that, on the flipside of the age of consent being higher in some countries, that there are many countries where the age of consent is lower.

Through providing such a product, Amazon has not only promoted the Sex Tourism trade, but it has told rapists of children where they could potentially escape charges for child sex offences. Amazon has, in one publication, minimised child sex abuse, and normalised it, implying that not only is it legal in some countries, but “Hey! Other men are doing it too, y’know!”

I call on Amazon to remove this product immediately. I urge the readers of this post to do the same, by signing this petition. Although the product is no longer for sale, its details are still available through Amazon’s website.

I also urge readers of this blog post to report the page in question to either the Internet Watch Foundation or to the Child Exploitation And Online Protection Centre

I further call on all relevant agencies, INCLUDING AMAZON, to work together to prosecute the people who have purchased, produced and distributed this publication. As outlined by the Foreign And Commonwealth Office, British citizens and residents can be prosecuted for having sex with a child whilst out of the country. Tourism is no excuse to allow the rape  of children.

For those who are reblogging this outside of the UK, please feel free to provide localised information for combating men involved in this crime.

*I have referred to rapists of children throughout this blogpost, as I feel the term “paedophile” minimises the crime. These men are rapists, and to refer to them in a term which translates into “lover of children” is deeply offensive to those affected by such crimes.

^Update 1 of 1: This product was removed in the early hours of August 3rd, 2012.