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  1. It’s seems to me (though I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination) that the emphasis should be less on Masbruch’s gender and more on the fact that they continue to rape women with objects.

    From that perspective, it seems clear that Masbruch should be kept separate from their would-be victims, no? If Masbruch is indeed a woman, however, keeping them in the male ward is ludicrous. Complete isolation is cruel, but presumably there /has/ to be some middle ground between keeping them utterly isolated and allowing them free reign? More supervision, only allowed out at certain times?

    I dunno. I’m not an expert, but Masbruch the sadistic criminal may indeed still be Masbruch the woman, and there has to be a way of keeping both Masbruch /and/ the female inmates safe. Doesn’t there?

    • Good grief Cat. Masbruch like quite a few others only ‘suddenly’ come over all womany AFTER incarceration. For most of them pulling this stunt, they see a women’s prison as easy time, but for sadistic rapists like Masbruch, a trapped victim pool. His newfound ‘gender identity’ is about as convincing as a giraffe wearing dark sunglasses trying to get into a polar bear’s only golf club.

      Worst of all was the ‘assessment’ of Hensley, a criminal justice professor:

      “Of course, rape is a crime of power more than anything,” Hensley said. “Even with him being incarcerated, he could potentially rape a woman if the urge is still there.”
      But, he added, “If they place him in a man’s prison, he’s at more risk for rape himself, which leaves them open to lawsuits.”

      Typical quote from a dude, a sadistic rapist’s protection from being raped is far more important than incarcerated females – most of whom are in for much lesser crimes. Or the male prison’s protection from lawsuits is deemed more important than the safety of female prisoners from rape.

      A feminist puts females first. A humanist cares about ‘everybody’. Males are doing quite well looking after their kind, they don’t really need more ‘humanists’ for the cause. Try feminism. Females need protection. Your comment Cat was pure ‘humanist’, not feminist. It is time more women woke up to what is really going on.

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