Jeremy Kyle; Lets Make An Excuse For Domestic Abuse

I’m going to need to put another disclaimer here, aren’t I? I’m really not one of those people who watches Jeremy Kyle on a regular basis. In fact, I believe one of the last episodes I watched involved Jeremy Kyle effectively telling a woman that if she refrained from winding her husband up, he probably wouldn’t hit her.

Yeah, I’m not kidding… Sorry.

So, after seeing a thread on Mumsnet about Mr Misogynist’s usual anti-woman stance, and the crappy, unreliable lie-detector I decided to hunt down the episode in question. It was, in fact, one specific interview I was looking for; in which Jeremy Kyle threatened to drag a young woman off the stage. (I kid you not. If you wish to watch the misogynist in action, the episode in question is available on ITV player; dated 28/05/2012, shown at 9:25 am. If you’re allergic to arsewipes, I wouldn’t recommend it…)

Intriguingly enough, it seems that two of the women who appeared on today’s show were being emotionally abused by their respective partners. The first was a woman who had been accused, by her current partner, of sleeping with his brother. She recounted some of the emotional and verbal abuse her partner had inflicted on her. In fact, her partner had gone as far as claiming that their son wasn’t his; a common occurrence in both abusive relationships and on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Needless to say, the test results proved the child in question did belong to emotionally abusive arsewipe. Mr Misogyny sent the couple off stage, warning the arsewipe to “respect her”. Oooh, that’s really going to work. Y’know what? I’d rather have seen him say “We’re not doing the DNA tests, you’re an emotionally abusive arsehole; here’s the number for Respect, and I’m giving your partner the number for Women’s Aid” (Which, in case you need it, is 0808 2000 247) But as always, the underlying issue of abuse on the Jeremy Kyle Show gets swept under the carpet, and we’re left focusing on any wrongdoing that the woman in question may have committed.

Anyway, we move on to the next couple. Katrina, who has a look about her… One I recognised… It’s the look of someone who is terrified, of something. Or someone. Before she entered the stage, her fiance, Johnny, had told the audience about how he hadn’t been with Katrina long (a matter of months), yet they were already engaged, and already trying for a baby. Katrina admitted to cheating on her partner (kissing and sexual contact) just before the questions for the polygraph. Yeah, the deciding factor on whether Katrina cheated any further relied on a polygraph. A test, which research has concluded (from several studies) is around 60% accurate. For every 10 results on the Jeremy Kyle show, 4 will be wrong. And as I watched Katrina’s protests that she hadn’t cheated, I believed her. There was a 40% chance she was telling the truth. But something else stuck in my mind. It was the fact Katrina had owned up to cheating before the test. Why would she continue to lie? As Johnny stormed off, Mr Misogyny threatened to drag Katrina. That’s right; on national TV, the male host of a TV show threatened a woman. And not a gasp was uttered.

Following this, we saw Johnny put his foot through a door. Typical abuser tactic. If they can’t hit out at their intended victim, they choose another, more socially acceptable target. A pseudo-telling off from Mr Misogyny, and it’s back to calling Katrina a liar. Because, Jeremy Kyle’s job is, essentially, hating women. And doesn’t he do it well?

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One thought on “Jeremy Kyle; Lets Make An Excuse For Domestic Abuse

  1. Monday 23rd Feb 2015 Today’s episode of JK was an absolute disgrace…..He says something like “this man is alleged to have been abusive and violent and I cannot believe this is” and spends his time grilling the man for his racist actions whilst his abusive behaviour to his ex is ignored…no shock no concern. I hear JK constantly justifying DV saying victims should not have any concerns about their ex’s as fathers after they have been violently assaulted, they should stop winding them up by being scared of them. That violent partners can still be good dads!! Really the DV agencies should be putting a stop to all this on JK, just the same as with racism.

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